For thousands of years, solid gold has been used to create gorgeous jewelry and other luxury items. Beside the bling, gold is versatile and has many uses from currency, sacred objects and technology. While owning gold jewelry may be a status symbol, it is not hard to obtain and in our opinion has more pros than cons. 

You are probably asking why is gold jewelry so expensive? Is it actually worth it?

Scientifically speaking, gold has a unique composition meaning it doesn't react to wont tarnish. Basically, you can wear it everyday and as long as you take good care of it, will maintain its beauty and value for a long time. So yeah, its worth it.

Here is our list of pros for investing in a piece of 14K Gold jewelry:

  • Suitable for sensitive skin types
  • Great for new piercings 
  • Can be passed down for generations (the perfect family heirloom)
  • Tarnish resistant
  • Water resistant 
  • Won't turn your skin green
  • Can wear it everyday
  • Easy maintenance
  • Maintains its value overtime
  • With Caitlin Nicole jewelry you are guaranteed lifetime repair

How to care for your 14K Gold jewelry.

Whether it's a new piece or a family heirloom, taking care of your gold jewelry is quite simple. We recommend a gentle soak in warm water with just a little bit of soap and a soft brush (a soft bristle unused toothbrush will do the job.) You can even use a polish cloth to give it a quick shine. 

If your gold jewelry has any precious gemstones, be extra careful to work around it, as some stones react to soapy water.

If you need more care and not sure how to clean or repair your specific piece, you can reach out directly to Caitlin for help. All jewelry purchased directly from Caitlin Nicole has a life time repair guarantee. 

If you are tired of constantly replacing your plated jewelry, that keeps chipping and's probably time to invest in a 14K Gold piece.

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