Launched Caitlin Diina in 2018, Karma Glitter was inspired by Caitlin's long standing history in the jewelry industry and love for giving back. At 16, Caitlin began crafting handmade wire-wrapped pieces, and soon after, started working as a fine jewelry sales associate, then as a jewelry buyer. Along the way, Caitlin developed close relationships with respected gem dealers and gold suppliers, ultimately prompting her to launch her fine jewelry line, Caitlin Nicole Jewelry, and her online jewelry store, Karma Glitter.

With an entrepreneur as a father, Caitlin always enjoyed watching the steps that it took to run his successful business. And eventually, she decided to follow suit by launching her online jewelry and accessories store, Karma Glitter. Caitlin’s keen eye for beautifully-crafted pieces ensures that every curated item on the site is not only full of personality, but also made to withstand the test of time.

Caitlin loves creating beautiful jewelry, but to her, doing good is just as important. As a young child, Caitlin was in awe of her mother’s work as an animal activist. It not only exposed her to different charitable causes, but it also inspired the ethos behind Karma Glitter, which is to give back to those in need.

When Caitlin's not designing jewelry and sourcing gemstones, she's spending time with her husband Jonathan, her Basset hound Maisie, and her Russian Blue cat Ciccero. She's also constantly dreaming up new ways to help causes close to her heart.