Caitlin’s passion for jewelry started when her mom surprised her with a pair of 14K ruby earrings while visiting family in Hawaii. Caitlin immediately fell in love with the way these sparkling studs made her feel – they evoked so much joy, that every time she wore them, she felt the same happiness she felt under the Hawaiian sun. Her love for jewelry only grew from there.

Born and raised in Agoura Hills, California, the beach was always a huge part of Caitlin’s life. With the beach as her backyard and Oahu as a constant source of inspiration, Caitlin was partial to pieces that were inspired by the ocean and island life.

Caitlin started her career in retail, working her way up to a a role as a fine jewelry buyer and lead visual merchandiser. Along the way, she developed key relationships with local gemstone dealers and became an expert within the trade. Eventually, she decided to create her own collection, designed to remind people of places special in their hearts. She launched with The Haiku, The Pipeline, and The Zuma – three pieces that brought back special memories from her childhood, and the collection took off from there.

Made with pride, passion, and integrity, every piece is handcrafted with love and sourced in Los Angeles. 5% of every sale goes to a charity Caitlin has partnered with and you’ll find a list of these on our “Giving Back” page which is dedicated to these organizations.

In her free time, Caitlin enjoys traveling with her husband (it’s where she finds most of the inspiration behind her collections), cuddling up with her basset hound Maisie and kitty Cicero, and discovering new charities to partner with.